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Bahía de Caráquez

Yes, Bahía de Caráquez offers beachfront living at a fraction of the cost you would find in North America, but don’t come here because it’s cheap. Come here because it’s such a cool place to live! From the stunning waterfront vistas to the soft-sand beach, the laid-back lifestyle to the rich Latin culture, and from the perfect climate to the warm, welcoming people, Bahía just might be the little slice of paradise you’ve been searching for. Maye and Tripp sailed into Bahía on their boat, Walkabout, planning to stay for two weeks, ten years ago, and never left. Bahía and its people bewitched them immediately and they’ve never looked back.

With about 20,000 permanent residents, Bahía is big enough to provide city conveniences, but still small enough to have that small-town quality of life. In some ways, Bahía could be considered the Mayberry of Ecuador. Echoing a simpler time in American life, people greet each other as they pass on the street, shopkeepers become friends, and nobody seems to be in too much of a hurry. You don’t even need a vehicle as everything from restaurants to markets to the beach is within walking distance, and triciclos stand at the ready to ferry you home if your hands are full.

With everything from government offices to two hospitals, several banks, dentists, beauticians, estheticians, nail salons and massage therapists, restaurants and clubs, Bahía has all the amenities to make life comfortable and even a bit pampered. Exploring other parts of Ecuador from here is easy as well, with reliable bus service to Quito and Guayaquil and points in-between, along with the nearby Manta airport offering plenty of safe, affordable travel options.

Fruit and vegetable vendors line the Mercado, and the smell of fresh baked bread wafts about on the breeze. Local caught seafood and free-range poultry is plentiful, affordable and sold to you by the fishermen and farmers themselves. Well-stocked pharmacies and a newly expanded Tia store, as well as the brand new mall that is under construction, round out the shopping options in town. Sailboats, wooden pangas, and Jet Ski’s dot the bay as surfers ride the waves along the Point. Giant dollar beers and fresh ceviche served at a café on the malecon can turn an ordinary afternoon into a special memory, especially when friends join in.

One thing that’s true of expat living is that if you’re so inclined, finding people to socialize with is relatively easy. There is an almost automatic level of support and camaraderie among gringos living in a foreign land, and there are lots of other people who have or are going through similar experiences. Making the move to Ecuador is a real adventure. It’s nice to connect with people who understand.

Bahía has welcomed a couple hundred gringos into its ranks over the last few years. Much like its warm, comfortable climate, Bahía’s concentration of expats hits that sweet spot between enough to offer ample opportunities to build a social network, but not so many that the city has lost any of its local flavor. Bahía remains authentically Ecuadorian, but you can always find someone to answer a question in English when you need it. In a sense, the gringo community in Bahía is a little like a small town within a small town. In Mayberry. In the 50’s.

That being said, Bahía isn’t Mayberry, and it’s not the United States. This is Ecuador. Many things are different here. It’s a Spanish-speaking area, for one. Legal codes and processes are different. That shouldn’t put you off, because the staff of Amistad Realty will help guide you through the process. Moving here should be an adventure, not a drama. Anyone considering relocating to Bahía should do plenty of research and have realistic expectations. There are always trade-offs when you trade in one life for a new one. What really matters is what you value most.
Bahía offers a warm, stable climate, with temperatures ranging from the mid 70’s to the low 80’s year-round. The local vibe is “tranquilo”, and the people are friendly and kind. There is a range of accommodation styles and locations both for rent and for sale in Bahía, allowing substantial latitude in lifestyle and accommodation options. All of them are available right now at a fraction of what similar properties would cost in North America. But what should really encourage you to explore what Bahía has to offer is not the price tag but the “cool.”  Bahia de Caraquez, in Manabi, Ecuador is a great place for real estate investments and to live.


No condo canyons here!  Just fresh sea air, rolling hills and wide open spaces.  Very much like the California coast traveling up Highway 1.  Approximately 1 hour driving time from Bahia de Caraquez and 4 hours from Quito places this small fishing/farming town in a unique position for development.  Beautiful beachfront and plentiful mountain vistas, many with views.  All available now for far less than elsewhere along the coast.

The soon to open "Costa Jama" Golf Course has already been compared and touted as the Pebble Beach of South America.

Land and lot sales are sure to increase dramatically.  Many new developments are breaking ground with much excitement.

Beautiful beaches, friendly people, good restaurants serving just off the boat seafood, and a hospital to make the Jama area a must visit destination.


Canoa is a small beach town with a distinct party vibe located about 20kms north of Bahia de Caraquez.  It offers an expat community of surfers and small business owners who opted out of the rat race for a more laid back lifestyle.  Additionally it is a tourism hotspot, where people tend to stick around longer than planned.  This constant inflow of tourism has made Canoa a great place for those looking to open bars, restaurants,or invest in land development projects

In addition to surfing, paragliding is extremely popular here, as the hills come within 1-2 kms of the ocean.  As the incoming seabreezes meet these hills, it creates outstanding lift, and one can fly for miles enjoying the beautiful coastline below.

Unlike much of the Ecuaor coastline which is lined with retirees, Canoa offers a young hip crowd, and while weekdays tend to flow by lazily, the weekends fill up and the parties last late into the night.


Pedernales is a growing fishing town that is always jumping with commercial activity, with long hilly streets leading down to the ocean.  Located almost directly on the ecuator, Pedernales wide palm lined beaches have the potential to become a wonderful investment for a surprisingly low buyin.  Federal funds continue to flow in to improve infrastructure, and while Pedernales remains underdeveloped it has the advantage of being the first coastal stop for those traveling to the coast from Quito.  For this reason, its local tourism industry continues to grow as more beachside restaurants and hotels seem to pop up every day.

Just north in Cojimies, swaying coconut palms, wide beaches, sweeping mountain vistas, and a short scenic drive from the airport in Esmeraldas.  Come visit one of Ecuador´s last untouched beaches.

Coastal Ecuador offers beachfront ot jungle living at a fraction of the cost you would find in North America, but don’t come here because it’s cheap. Come here because it’s such a cool place to live! From the stunning waterfront vistas to the soft-sand beach, the laid-back lifestyle to the rich Latin culture, and from the perfect climate to the warm, and welcoming people.