This article was written by my good friend, Don Murray. The original article may be read here, at In the article that follows, “I” is Don Murray. I thoroughly recommend reading Don’s articles at his site. Lots of good information there.

Before I get into the meat of what I have learned about Ecuador’s Healthcare system, I need to offer a few disclaimers as follows:

I cannot verify that all that was told to me by Mr. Intriago is completely accurate or will remain as truth for any particular period of time. As a developing nation, Ecuador’s systems are in a constant state of change/improvement. What is true today may change tomorrow…or an hour from now. The information provided here should not be considered comprehensive of all possible related factors, and does not address a complete accounting of the availability or quality of treatments or procedures in all areas of the country, which can vary greatly!

Additionally, implementation of policies is likely to be inconsistent. The rules may say one thing but implementation may or may not be consistent with rules and regulations. What is policy in one office in one city may not be the case in another city. Such is life in Ecuador!

Finally, while I have done my very best to research and present accurate information, I cannot be held responsible for any information that may not be accurate or factual. It is the responsibility of each individual to make their own choices related to healthcare (and everything else) using all possible resources to assist.

As expats living in Ecuador, we have learned quite a bit about how to integrate ourselves into an entirely new culture. Creating a brand new life on the shores of a foreign nation has been a grand adventure but there have been a few minor challenges. It is like being in some kind of an advanced class every day and you have to learn as you go.

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bahia the point

Bahía de Caráquez

Yes, Bahía de Caráquez offers beachfront living at a fraction of the cost you would find in North America, but don’t come here because it’s cheap. Come here because it’s such a cool place to live! From the stunning waterfront vistas to the soft-sand beach, the laid-back lifestyle to the rich Latin culture, and from the perfect climate to the warm, welcoming people, Bahía just might be the little slice of paradise you’ve been searching for. Maye and Tripp sailed into Bahía on their boat, Walkabout, planning to stay for two weeks, ten years ago, and never left. Bahía and its people bewitched them immediately and they’ve never looked back.

With about 20,000 permanent residents, Bahía is big enough to provide city conveniences, but still small enough to have that small-town quality of life. In some ways, Bahía could be considered the Mayberry of Ecuador. Echoing a simpler time in American life, people greet each other as they pass on the street, shopkeepers become friends, and nobody seems to be in too much of a hurry. You don’t even need a vehicle as everything from restaurants to markets to the beach is within walking distance, and triciclos stand at the ready to ferry you home if your hands are full.

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